Jared Pawelka
Member of TAMA 1-844-MIDAMGC (643-2642)


Bryan Craig

“You know, if you’re going to open up your financials to somebody and show them everything, you really want somebody you can trust. He’s the kind of guy that would, if a deal was not in the best interest of somebody even though he could make a profit on it, he would advise somebody not to do it because he’s that kind of guy.

I think it’s really valuable to hire people from the outside to come in to help you, people that you trust, who can look at it with a whole different lens and really bring a lot of insight to you. The smart business owners see that as a wise investment. He’s the type that would do tons of industry research to try to help me to know how to advise me the best, but I value his integrity, his faith, his intelligence, and his friendship.”

Bryan Craig – Former Owner, Sigma Sales

Steve Martin

“Jared listens very intently. He doesn’t interrupt you. He lets you finish your thought. He gathers all the information he needs before he proposes solutions. He is very responsive, quick to be helpful. He wants to make sure he understands really what you’re asking for. Once I called him with a problem. He kept asking me questions and by the time we were through, the problem that I thought I had was maybe a little bit different then I realized. He helps me really understand what I’m needing. I believe that in any business, if they want to succeed, they have to seek out someone like Jared to make sure they’ve considered all the options.”

Steve Martin – Former CFO, Reasors

Dave Sylvan

“Jared is a very sound young man and has his feet on the ground. He came in as a financial advisor for J.P. Morgan Chase looking at the portfolio we had as a company. He came in advising different directions to go. The things that Jared recommended we followed through with and they’ve done well. I would listen if Jared came to see me in regard to anything in finical world.” 

Dave Sylvan – President, Farmers Energy Corp.

“Jared Pawelka at Mid America Growth & Capital was introduced to me by a very trusted and highly connected friend when I was struggling to find the financial connections our company needed.  Jared met us, heard our situation, and wrote a proposal stating what Mid-America could do, how long it would take and what it would cost.  Jared has always met his commitments and fulfilled his responsibilities.  I recommend Jared to any one wanting to better present their business, raise capital or expand their growth potential.”

Dan Ladd – Inline Press


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