Jared Pawelka
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What It’s Like to Work With Us

Mid-America Growth & Capital is focused on providing advice and execution related to buying, selling or capitalizing firms with $2-$100 million in revenue. There is a mutual gravitation to Manufacturing, Distribution, Service and Technology firms—he and his team have deep experience and relationships in these sectors. Typically, he and his team advise on matters related to Finance, Strategy, Accounting Systems, Tax-planning and Operations. As any honest person will tell you, the team don’t have all the answers but they do ask the right questions. Together they bring valuable operational and entrepreneurial experience that informs the advice and solutions they deliver to managers and business owners.

Our team is committed to being a first-class listener and communicator. Every engagement begins with a deliberate exploration of the history of the business and management team. He and his team focus their work on understanding what the management team needs, including the depth and breadth of strategic planning done to date. Very often, the first activity Jared takes on is collaborating with a management team to update their strategic plans. Most often Jared and his team provide leadership to the larger transaction team consisting of members of firm’s management, Accounting and Tax counsel, Legal counsel and Wealth Planning counsel.

A typical engagement to sell a company involves two main stages of services. First, over several weeks of discovery and familiarization, our team will prepare the firm for sale. This involves thoroughly reviewing the current status of operational controls, managerial and process-efficiency, capital adequacy and many other value-drivers and risk factors. This requires close coordination with management and an appropriate service retainer fee to cover the cost of time and other resources. Next, over several months, the team creates marketing materials and promote the firm among prospective acquirers.   In the later stages of a sale, there are many information requests and other demands on a management team that Jared and his team serve to streamline. The final portion of compensation is in the form of a success fee that is a risk-based percentage of the transaction price.   Similarly, when advising firms on acquisitions there are often two main stages of activity. Initially, there is both an evaluation of the acquiring firm (capital adequacy, operational efficiency, proper resource allocation, etc.) and an evaluation of the market(s) for acquisition targets (geographical advantages, underperformance and inefficiencies, unique products and potential synergies, etc.). Finally, Jared and his team work closely with management teams to thoroughly vet and value the field of prospects. This stage culminates in either a period of negotiation and closing or a deferral of action. Successful acquisitions require careful attention to detail and deliberate, step-wise review of factors that are often overlooked without the advice of competent M&A team.

Our team can conduct capital sourcing and raising through extensive funding resources across the US, including coordination with other FINRA-registered Investment Banks when needed. They maintain relationships with various capital providers without being captive to any. Finding the right capital involves evaluating more than the operational need. Our company always seek to work with a firm’s existing advisors when possible—they offer critical insight into both management and market opportunities. Together all the parties review the firm’s operational efficiency, latent opportunities, sources of risk, prior financial covenants, and work to evaluate an array of regulatory, tax, legal and other factors that affect firms. We seek to provide owners and managers with multi-faceted advice for shaping the planned growth and change of their firms.


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